A Guide To Safeguard Your Vinyl Records

There are certain things that you should not do when you need to preserve your vinyl for a longer time. Some things are precious when the day’s move on; in the list vinyl records also occupies an important position. With such importance here are some tips to save them for the future.

  • Do not stack your records

It is not good to stack our vinyl records one on the other even when they are covered with their jackets. When you do so, possibly there will be some crack and due to the weight of the records on the top there will also be some scuff marks and rings in the records will also be disturbed and that will affect the artwork in the record.

take care of vinyl records

  • Wet playing is not the right option

When you play the vinyl record in wet it forces abrasive sludge deeper in the grooves. The needle will make its way around the vinyl record and there are possibilities to have any irreversible damage. As a result, the sound of the record will change and become worse ending up with no use of the vinyl records. To avoid these instances make sure you take care of vinyl records.

  • Keeping fingers ion the records will cause damage

Naturally, the human body will produce some oil, so when you touch the playing area of the records the oil in your hand or fingers will affect the record and the quality will be reduced. You can hold the record by its outer edge and not in the playing surface when you handle vinyl records. Even if you touch accidently it is better to clean them immediately using liquid record cleaner gently. Also, don’t forget to keep records clean, using the best record cleaning machine.

  • Do not use your cloth for cleaning

You may think that using the cloths clean the surface of the vinyl record is the right option but it is not so. You may think that the cloth is soft but there are chances of getting scratches on the surface when you wipe with a cloth. There are special kinds of brush and also some approved liquid to clean them, use only those materials for vinyl record care.

vinyl record care

  • Let the platter stop and then place or pick them

It is not good to place or pick up the record when the turntable platter is in motion. This leads to some scratch in the bottom side of the record. So, wait till the platter comes for the rest condition before you do anything on them.

  • Do not allow being outside for a long time and gently insert the record into the jacket

When you have used the record it is not good to allow them to lie outside for the longest time since there can be any dust or any cracks in the records. Also, when you insert them into the jacket it is good to hold the edge and handle gently without just dropping them.

Whatever the product is, only when there is maintained properly the life of the product will be long and you can enjoy the usage of the product. This is applicable for the vinyl records as well.

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